Beautiful lady is surrounded by bubbles with european countries' flags (Italian, German, Great Britain, French, Spanish). Learning of foreign languages concept. Concrete background.EZ-base is continually expanding and ever more markets are becoming familiar with what our platform has to offer. Its reach is expanding. This is also the case in Belgium.

New markets mean new challenges. With Belgium it is bilingualism. We are aware of the need of many of you to have uniform product data delivered to your customers in multiple languages.

In EZ-base your data can be presented on the platform in other languages as well, including French. We are often asked if this means that you as a supplier will have to submit all your data again. The answer is no. You will receive an EZ-base export file of your current Dutch language data. You can translate the texts in this file by simply overwriting the Dutch language data in the various fields with French language data.

All your data will be retained, including EZ-base classification, ETIM classification and your own classification. With a relatively small addition you reach a much larger market.

Could you benefit from uniform product data in multiple languages? If so, contact us to discuss the various options.