manIn 2006, purchasing organisations Ferney Group, Transferro and Zevij-Necomij together with wholesale Destil joined forces to strengthen their product and content management activities. Together they have formed EZ-base with Transferro joining in 2009 as a shareholder. Destil sold her shares to Menouquin in 2012 with which EZ-base was able to set foot on Belgium soil. Originally collecting information in the metal parts and equipment industry, EZ-base currently has grown to include the construction, paint and automotive market. Within these lines of business in 2017 Copagro (paint) has joined EZ-base as shareholder.

EZ-base (“easy-base”) is a web-based platform where supply and demand within the industries meet. The database includes a representative range of the most prominent suppliers. These suppliers are often asked to provide information in various specific formats to specialist retailers, while specialist retailers spend quite some time requesting data from all their suppliers. EZ-base was established to take over these tasks. This means both suppliers and specialist retailers have more free time for other tasks.


The market demands formed the basis for the continuous development during the last few years. An innovative source of information with many uses, such as compiling catalogues, folders and quotes, but also setting up web shops, compiling price lists and linking to purchase order systems.

The EZ-base employees are mostly people who have worked in the corresponding industries. Their product and market knowledge ensures they can be of the best service to EZ-base customers. They believe in providing high quality data in close cooperation with shareholders and customers. We are ready to answer your questions or discuss your ideas.

EZ-base is a product for and by the market.


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