The effect of browsing your catalogue and linking it to the product data can best be shown in this video:


  • Suppliers are easier to find in EZ-base because the (browsable) catalog has also been made searchable and included in EZ-web.
  • Customers can search within EZ-base in different ways.
    Either in the database or through your catalogue.
  • Additional product information for your products can be found at the distributor’s workplace using the linked catalogue.

Link between the data in your catalog and EZ-base.
When a distributor enters a search term in EZ-web (for example, the name of the supplier, a description or product number), this will be searched in all tabs. By opening the appropriate tab the search result can be viewed.

In the publications tab they will find the search results. In case the entered search term was found as an product link in a publication, this publication will be shown here.


For example: by searching “trouser” different publications appear: these publications contain product links to products that contain “trouser”.
Here the front cover of each publication is displayed. By clicking the publication, the pages containing the products that contain “trouser” are displayed.


The disributor can continue to search for the desired product. If the product is found in the electronic publication, the product number can be clicked.
Once the product number link in the publication is clicked, the corresponding product detail page will open. Through this link, it is possible for distributors to take a product from your publication and enter it into their own software program.


If a product is searched and you are on the product detail page, a tab is visible that shows the publications that contain this linked product. It is also possible to click through to the relevant publication page.