You have developed a beautiful brochure. This is not only a business card for your company, but also a commercial expression.
You have developed this brochure in order to provide your customers with optimal product information. EZ-base helps in this by making your brochure browsable and linking the products to the available product information in the database. Your brochure is placed in a browsable format and linked to your article data. You can read all about the advantages of this service on the page link publications to product data.

More possibilities for supplier brochures

Because EZ-base continuously strives for further development and optimal use of the available product information, a service has been developed that gives the supplier brochures even better reach. This service makes your products more visible and increases customer loyalty.
EZ-base has developed the service: Browseable publications own webshop.

This service enables the trade to offer its customers products from your brochure that are not part of its standard range. This can mean that you as a supplier can sell more products by having your brochure made browsable by EZ-base.

Maximum reach for your brochure(s)

It is not only the placement of your brochure in EZ-web. With our additional service, your publication pages are presented with your products in the specialist retailer’s webshop.

When a customer visits the web shop, the customer will see your brochure among the various products. The customer can then open and browse your brochure. If the customer clicks on an interesting article, there are two possibilities:

The customer is taken to the product page of that article in the specialist shop’s webshop and can order the product directly.
The web shop does not have this product in stock or in the range: the customer is directed to a form to request information or a price.
Even if the specialist retailer does not immediately have a product in stock, the customer will now stay with the specialist retailer that placed the brochure, increasing the likelihood that the specialist retailer will purchase the product from you.

Watch the video to see how this service works for the retailer.

On the product pages, the linked catalogue page of the respective supplier is presented. When a customer clicks on this catalogue, the page for the relevant article opens immediately.

opengeklikte leveancierspublicatie eigen webshop

If the supplier catalogue is open, the customer can easily browse through the catalogue to view the other articles. If the customer clicks on an article that the specialist shop has in its range, the corresponding product page opens in the web shop and the customer can order the article if necessary.

leveranciersartikel niet standaard in assortiment aanvraagformulier

However, if the customer clicks on an article in the supplier’s catalogue that is not directly included in the specialist retailer’s range, a form opens that the customer can use to request information or a quotation.

Want to expand your reach?

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