Hjalmar Bakker

Roto Frank
Manager Key Accounts & Industry

“With our “German Made” philosophy, we are always ahead of the game in terms of energy efficiency, installation speed, product quality and partnership with our customers.”

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Siebe ten Hulscher

Ten Hulscher
Marketing and Sales Manager

“Only by continuing to automate with well-functioning systems such as EZ-base, does it succeed in being – and remaining – a leader in the market!“

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Onur Mete

Teamleider Marketing

“With our extensive dealer network, it is very important to easily provide our partners with comprehensive, up-to-date product information.“

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Simone Thur

Den Braven
Marketing Communications Benelux

“Sharing product information to our customers via EZ-base is quick and easy.”

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Arthur de Ruiter

Commercieel directeur

“Through EZ-base we can share data very quickly and it is always up to date.”  

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Alex Stelwagen

Commercial director

“EZ-base acts as our product information system, EZ-base also ensures that we have our product data in place.”

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Koen den Braven

Connect Products
Marketing en Communicatie manager

“EZ-base makes sure that our product range and product information is clear to our customers.”

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Guido Verweij

Zettex Europe B.V.
Marketing & Communications

“We like to give the customer transparency in our product range and found in EZ-base the ideal partner to achieve this.”

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