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To ensure products can be easily located in a database they must be classified. EZ-base has developed its own tree structure, based on market experience. This classification will be supplemented where necessary. In addition to this EZ-base classification you can also link your products to your own classification.

The advantages of adding your own classification:

  • You can process your product according to your own tree structure
  • Filtering in EZ-base is then possible based on your own characteristics
  • Your products are searchable through multiple inputs

Various classifications are available in EZ-base. Searches can be performed within the EZ-base classification, ETIM classification and your own classification. As a supplier you can include your products in EZ-base based upon your own product classification. This enables you to reproduce your own website (classification) within EZ-base to enable buyers to search it. This increases the “findability” of your products.


The various classifications can be filtered by brand, type, make, supplier and characteristic. Within the EZ-base classification these are our standardised properties. The ETIM classification includes ETIM characteristics and with your own classification you provide the characteristics. The EZ-web filter adapts to the selected classification. In this way your buyer has several options to find a product.


Do you have multiple classifications for different objectives? No problem, you can manage multiple classifications using the software. Your customer, however, will only see 1 classification. For this purpose you can specify a main classification in the management programme.