Lytho is the online product developer in the field of (automatic) format and publishing content to web, mobile, social & print. With their SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions Sabern helps organizations to communicate on average 35% more effectively with their target audience.

Lytho’s Brandifyer is the most user-friendly product marketing and brand portal on the market. It is the place where marketing and communication professionals manage their assets (texts, images, videos) can create new content. All users can access the data that is intended for them and enrich the content, manage it and publish it to all channels.

Brandifyer is a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software solution and consists of different modules. Because of this, there is an appropriate Brandifyer module for each type of organization.

Brandifyer is modular and contains the following parts:

  • Brandmanagement
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Product Information Management
  • Publishing on Demand

The Brandifyer publishing module ensures that the information from EZ-base is (automatically) formatted and that the customers of EZ-base can create single leaflets, point of sale and catalogs.

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