Do you need a new website? A web shop that can be easily updated?
EZ-base can provide a complete website. Powerful websites linked to the EZ-base database are created using the EZ-shop brand name.

When product data is available in a central database in a standard structure and, even more important, all product data is available there, this ensures that the product range can be represented to its best advantage. EZ-base provides the ideal foundation to showcase your products, both in printed and online format.

EZ-shop provides strong EZ-base standard shops. EZ-shops obtain all product data directly from the EZ-base. Your own web shop can be online in no-time when you select this combination.

A few layout options are available and the formatting can be modified extensively to suit you. The functionality options are also extensive. Web shops can be delivered in various languages, include various modules, have different versions per brand, include links to back-office and ERP systems, include advanced filter and search options, and more.

Brief overview:

  • Up-to-date products in your web shop.
  • Links that do not require activities by other parties.
  • Extensive formatting options.