IT solutions for technical wholesalers in hardware and tools.

Although DIMASYS originally stood for Distribution Management System and was specially developed for and with distribution companies, since then it has become a complete ERP system with modules that flexibly manage all processes of small, medium-sized and large companies.

DIMASYS|ENT of Infomat comprises 60 modules that our consultants select for your organisation in consultation with you. This entails sales support, order and stock management, warehousing, technical services, production, financial management and e-Business. Thanks to the modular concept you can grow, change business processes and open new product lines, etc. by adding and implementing modules when it is opportune to do so. Thanks to the R&D team, and particularly the good interaction with over 3000 users, the number of modules also increases.

Thanks to the integration with EZ-base your company saves time and can benefit from the huge product database with photos and technical specifications that are centrally managed. The products ticked in the products file for display in the web shop are updated daily via EZ-base where links and licenses are available.

You benefit from up-to-date product data (specifications/price/stock), a powerful search engine with user-friendly selection options, sales support, time and cost savings and the advantages of your own quotations or e-commerce.

DIMASYS offers many more functionalities that provide added value:

  • Combination of graphic touch screen for private customers and a comprehensive module for your professional customers
  • Option for ordering in Nexmart format
  • Customer badge with photo for collectors
  • Invoices with automatic annexes (e.g. scanned shipping note, original order form, etc.)
  • Integrated real-time web shop
  • Electronic orders (EDI/XML) with customers and suppliers
  • Airtight returns management
  • Extensive and flexible purchase and selling prices
  • Contract prices
  • Size and colour management (PBM products)
  • Serial number sequence for machines
  • Recovery management

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