Notification glass fibre migration

On Monday 7 October between 15.00 – 18.00 hrs our FTP server will be equipped with faster fiber glass . This may cause the FTP server to be temporarily unavailable.

If you have planned at least one task in EZ-web, you may experience inconvenience:

  • EZ-web regularly reads in artlink files that have been placed by your system on our or your own FTP server.


  • Your system downloads export files that are regularly placed by EZ-web on our or your own FTP server.

Although we always advise you to use our hostname (, it is possible that you still use the IP address (e.g. in the Whitelist of your firewall).

In that case the IP address will have to be changed:


In order to minimise inconvenience, you can choose to temporarily allow both IP addresses. From October 8 only the new IP address will be used: then the old IP address can be deleted.

Are there any questions? Feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.