EZ-base converts, in her standardization process, relevant suppliers features in to uniform, standardized features, values and units. EZ-base has in cooperation with the wholesaler, extended its classification to include defined features. These features serve as product filters, and are necessary for a well-functioning webshop.

After determining the features, values and units, the focus is now entirely on filling these. Ferney and Zevij-Necomij took the lead in this earlier this year by equipping their private labels with these features. The first results are visible in the webshops of the wholesalers which have indicated that the findability of these products has improved enormously.

Filling the features is part of the EZ-base standardization process.

What is the standardization process?

Standardization is the uniform recording of features per classification, so that all articles with this feature appear during a search.
Each supplier names certain features as they see fit. What is called “capacity” by one supplier, is called “reach” by another supplier.

The different features “range” and “capacity” are added via normalization under 1 normalized feature, so that both machines are found when searching by drilling capacity.

Because it has been determined which features need to be normalized, this is applied to all relevant features in the database. For example, colours such as “scuba blue”, “aqua blue”, “ocean blue” are normalised so that all articles with these different names are found during the search.

Watch our video to see what standardization is (only in Dutch):

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