Are you, as a specialist retailer, confronted with problems like orders being rejected? Do suppliers tell you that orders cannot be processed? EZ-base has joined forces with DocTrails and together we have come to a solution. It makes sending orders easier and better .

With this DocTrails module, your digital orders are checked in the EZ-base database before they are sent to your supplier. When information is missing or incomplete, the order will be held for a specific amount of time (e.g. 2 hours) in DocTrails. You as well as the supplier will be notified. If the supplier ignores the notification, they will receive the order with missing information. A better option for the supplier is to log on to the DocTrails portal where the information can be completed with data from EZ-base. The order is now 100% correct and can be processed. This will make a large difference in administration work.

The link between EZ-base and DocTrails ensures that the order is validated before it is processed by the supplier. This will lead to a higher quality and quantity of EDI messages.