Purchasing organisations Ferney, Transferro and Zevij-Necomij have decided to use EZ-base as a central collection database for CE markings, DoP (Declaration of Performance, and a few other certificates. Vertaz, the branch association, supports this decision.

The Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU requires manufacturers to affix the CE-markering on all construction products (used for the construction of a building or a structure) which are governed by the European standard or for which a European Technical Assessment (ETA) has already been issued to the manufacturer. Suppliers must make these documents available to specialist retailers.

Central collection
The objective of the collaboration is to ensure all required documents for all suppliers can be requested by all specialist retailers at a single well-organised location free of charge. We not only collect documents from our members but also from non-members.

All entered certificates are automatically copied to the website: Construction industry knowledge centre certificates (Certificaten kenniscentrum voor de bouw in Dutch).

Certificaten zoeken

When you have signed an EZ-base contract
Current members can add documents to products using the maintenance program.

You are a supplier:
You can upload the certificates at Assets. The file can be a URL or a document. URLs are preferable for two reasons:

  • This is easier to do because you do not have to upload the PDF file separately at Document.
  • When the underlying URL file is modified, the EZ-base file is changed automatically. This ensures that the data is correct and up-to-date.

You are a wholesaler:
Log into EZ-base to search for the required product of the required supplier in the Certificates tab. The corresponding documents can be downloaded.

When you have not signed an EZ-base contract
Even if you have not signed a contract you can still use EZ-base to upload or access certificates. The Light membership has been created for this purpose. This type of membership is free of charge. EZ-base sends you the logon details as soon as you have registered for this section of the database.

You are a supplier:
Short and clear instructions on how to work in EZ-base and an example of an import file (Excel) are provided together with the logon details. Fill in the file and upload it in EZ-base.

You are a wholesaler:
Log on to search for suppliers and the certificates they have provided. The documents can be downloaded.

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