For each supplier a dashboard is available with the current status of their data.

The dashboard gives an overvies of the available data in EZ-base such as:

  • number of articles in the classification
  • available translations
  • integrity of the article data such as images, EAN codes, intrastat codes, logo, icons and URLs.

These numbers only concern articles for which the logged in user is authorized, unless stated differently. All percentages are round up according to standard calculations (99,5% becomes 100%).

Under classifications you only see articles that are authorized for the logged in user, in the selected data language.
For instance you see the subdivision per brand and the subdivision in the EZ-base classification.

Here you find the number of articles of this supplier which are provided with different items such as:

  • Brand logo
  • GTIN
  • Intrastat code
  • Unique ERP description

Under assets you find all available asset categories of the concerning supplier.
When you place your mouse on the data you see the exact numbers.

All information is provided about the translations of this supplier compared to the available article information in Dutch.
This tab page is only available if there are multiple languages present.