Purchasing groups and specialist retailers print catalogues of (part of) their product range on a regular basis. It takes time and effort to process large quantities of product data from various suppliers in a structured manner in the catalogues. EZ-base can save you a lot of time and effort.

The product data is available in a clear format and we have the knowledge and software to process the data to comply with your brand image to create your own distinctive catalogue. Making the template  available in EZ-web allows you to easily select product data that meets your formatting requirements.


We will first discuss your formatting requirements and the content of your new catalogue. This overview forms the basis of the development of a new template. Using the specific template your product data will be displayed uniformly. The template is added to the export formats for EZ-web exports. You simply select the products and the data is provided in a low-resolution format. This export can be used to proofread your catalogue before high-resolution printing or can be added to quotes, special offers, selected product overviews, etc. You can always print a selection of the product data selection with the same look and feel as your catalogue.

Print-ready catalogue

We can take care of all aspects of the production of your catalogue. We’ll provide the PDF file ready to be sent to the printer of your choice. Also, we can provide an InDesign file which can be edited if required. Both files are high-resolution files.

Brief overview:

  • Saves time and costs as the data is available in the database.
  • Extensive data input options.
  • Can be used to create a digital catalogue or a print-ready catalogue.


We can ensure that customers catalogues are easily browsable and catalogue product data is linked to your product data to ensure you can publish it on your website.

An example of a catalogue containing bar codes: